“Wow, this sounds delicious!” Kara gasped.
“Sound? Food?” I shook my head. “Silly!”
Kara and Maruwa got invited for a mini dinner at my place. Sometimes, this is just the therapy I need to be fine for days, and besides, it’s been a while we saw. I took in Maruwa as she stabbed her chicken with her fork, an unusual silence hung around her face. One hardly gets an excerpt from Maruwa’s life though—she has always been the quiet one—but not on a table where coconut rice and honeyed chicken is being served.
Kara—it took my hell and heaven to collide mentally before they finally concluded it was just a dinner at my place. Kara has always been a fashionista—too extra in that world—but showing up in my house looking like a bride seemed not too necessary. But that is Kara, she even dresses up to the toilet. Trust me.
“Maruwa, are you fine?” I asked.
“Of course, she is! Can’t you see the glow of marriage all over her face?”
I twitched my mouth. “The last time I checked, you weren’t Maruwa”.
She let out a faint smile, “I’m fine actually, just… tired.”
If she gave another answer, the world would end tonight. I don’t eat my words!
“That’s the issue with marriage—emotional and physical stress.” Kara shrugged.
“Karaaaaa, I’m sure you heard her. Marriage wasn’t mentioned, it’s only if you’ve been thinking so much about that lately,” I said.
“Oh yes. I have,” she replied. “All thanks to my Mum”
“Mum? Don’t tell me you have started the 4:00 am calls series.”
“We have, and this time, it is worse,” she said in a tensed tone.
“But babe it is high time you got married, you’re 29,” Maruwa said.
“Soon to be 30 in a couple of days,” I added.
“Stop making a big deal out of nothing. What if I’ve decided not to get married, would that be a crime?”
I stabbed my chicken. “Not a crime but a bad idea. I just hope you wouldn’t disturb our ears with…”
“4:00 am series!” Maruwa and I roared amidst laughter.
“It’s not funny,” she let out in a frustrated tone. “Since Brodo died, guys scare me and besides I haven’t gotten over him—it’s been a year now—but, he never left.”
“Oh really?” I chuckled. “The guys you’ve met after Brodo’s death are either this or that and most importantly, they ain’t Brodo—that is your favourite line.”
Kara shrugged.  “It is really not like that. But…"
“You can’t continue to brood over Brodo. I’m so sure if you were the one who died, Brodo would have moved on,” Maruwa said, picking up her empty plate and heading for the kitchen.
I nodded. “Exactly!”
“You ladies should drop Brodo’s matter. He is gone, and here I am—stuck. Every time I try to move on, I feel he is watching from somewhere and in an instant, I feel like a Cheat.”
“Do you need to see a doctor?  Brodo is gone. No ghost watches one from heaven. C’mon, have you been watching Nollywood movies?” I said.
“I know! But… okay, let's discuss my Mum. What should I do?”
I watched as Kara took a few ragged breaths before she finally spilt it all.
“I’m so worthless—that is what my Mum says every day. She feels my independence is the main reason I’m not in a relationship. I do everything—everything as a good daughter, but the only thing she wants is marriage. She says I’m one of those women who destroy the fabric of the society because I have bank accounts, drive my cars, pay my bills. Isn’t it the joy of every mother to see her child doing well? Sometimes, I feel my Mum isn’t so happy with my comfortability.”
Maruwa spoke first. “Of course she is! She is your mother. All she wants from you is marriage and of course grandchildren, you have it all except these.” she said, taking a seat next to mine.
“I don’t have it all. And I don’t think marriage is the only thing left undone in my life.”
“Then what’s your achievement?” Maruwa asked.
“My achievement? Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who believe marriage is the biggest achievement of a woman?”
“Well… as a lady, you have to be married before people can confidently call you a successful woman.”
I laughed so hard. I know Kara just poured out her heartache, but this laughter could choke me if I didn’t let it out. “Mrs Married woman. How did marriage get entangled to success? Am I missing something? Who made the rules? You?” I asked in my best sarcastic tone.
I continued.  “Anyway, Kara I do not blame Mum, any mother would have done the same—except my Mum though. But we are in the 21st century, is there still a man out there who wants to marry a liability? Besides, we owe our children the gift of not being a ‘let your dad come’ kind of mother.”
“They want a wedding, you want a home. Don’t rush into marriage, no one has ever been punished for getting married late—“
“But you have to be fulfilled,” Maruwa interrupted but looked away silently and instantly.
“The way you are fulfilled, right?” I rolled my eyes.
She ignored my question. “Kara, take a leap of faith. The one for you is out there.”
Kara took a deep breath. “I don’t deserve you, ladies, sometimes.  Thanks for a great dinner and your deep concern. It’s been so long we did this.”
“Anyway, you ain’t leaving here until you clean up my kitchen,” I said
“It’s your house, we are your guests.”

Marriage is the biggest achievement of a woman. Do you believe that?
Is Keke really saying the truth about the rules that break us?
Would you blame Kara for being too independent?

This is the society we live in!
I would love to hear your view about the controversial discussion in the comment section!

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  1. I found it really interesting๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿฅฐ We all know the truth, no one should be forced into marriage because you're not the one who ends up stuck in the said marriage.

  2. Well, I wouldn't blame Kara for being independent but marriage is still the biggest achievement of a woman because it's the joy of every parent to carry his/her grandchild

    Thumbs up Memunat๐Ÿ‘


  3. To be honest marriage is a good thing and what most people are looking forward to but I don’t buy the idea of pushing or forcing anyone to make that decision because they are of age.

    I believe It’s a life long commitment that needs to be taken with care and a good understanding of who they will be dealing with. No one wants to be sad in their marriage so why the rush?

    In this era, most people wants to be financially stable and independent and if that’s what anyone wants to do I don’t see anything bad in that decision. No one wants to be a liability.

    This is an advise to parents. Please stop ๐Ÿ›‘ that mentality of pushing your children to getting married because at the end of the day the only things I hear them say is to give them grand kids. I understand that you have good intention and you want the best , but the pressure affect some children mentally especially when they don’t fill comfortable going into it yet. Those wishes and desires will come at the right time. Let these kids breathe and be able to make matured and good decisions. Moreover you say they are grown up. Leave decisions in their hands and their role as a parent is to guide them the right path without pressure.

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  6. Amazing
    Everyone has a different view but the choice left is just to positive about marriage.

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