When I was a little girl, I saw life through a rose-coloured spectacle. No one ever talked about failure, illness, happenstances or even death. I’ve always looked forward to growing up following my mother’s map—the straight road of life—but it soon dawned on me that my Mum never prepared me for life and its struggles. Is childhood a scam or adulthood is the real scam?

Brodo used to be my muse, my stars in the sky and the only reason I saw men in a different light—because obviously I didn’t grow up to know my father—but Brodo was the only guy that ever loved me truly. But, I have to move on not even with my mum’s 4:00 am calls. But what if Brodo was the only man for me?

 A deep voice jerked me back to life. “Hey, young lady.”
Everything around me stopped—even time. Oh my God. He is SO hot. I guess he was saying something but I was mesmerized by the pink colour of his lower lips and its curvy shape. My I-don’t-give-a-damn-level is dropping, so fast. Kara come back home. Please?
“I feel so naked already. Take a picture, it will last longer,” he said in a sarcastic tone.
A sharp mouth for a fine face!
“A picture, you say? If only your face was picture-worthy.” I shot back. No one dumps words on me, I’m Kara.
“Interesting! Anyways, your food is ready, if you would be so nice, kindly step out of the way and allow me to get mine too.”
I was so hungry when I left home, Keke has not been cooking since the time I got to her place—in fact, she rarely leaves her bedroom.
“Oh… true,” I said, collecting my tray of food.
“Hey… young lady, before you leave, just a piece of advice from a cool bro; don’t ever get lost in thought in public.”
He looked away instantly. I hated him as quickly as I had liked him a minute ago—or was it seconds ago?
“Dumbass,” I said. But the painful thing was; no one heard.

The thoughts that occupied my mind earlier and the whole scene with that dumbass have made me lose appetite in a nano-second. I kept staring at the food but couldn’t lift a spoon to my mouth. Why is life so hard?
“Hey, if you weren’t hungry, then you shouldn’t have bought the food.” He said, taking a seat at my table.
“You again! Of all places, why did you choose to sit here?” I said, irritated.
“Well, look around. The only empty and comfortable seat is right here. You’ve got a problem with that?”
“You’re so annoying-“
“-and cute.” He let out a deep smile.
I looked away to hide the smile building upon my lips, he really was a cute guy—but annoying! I watched him the stab the chicken and wolf it down in large chunks. Fine but no courtesy.
“I know you can’t resist the look, but stop staring every time.”
I rolled my eyes. “Excuse you, young man, I wasn’t looking at you. I have a lot going on in my head than stealing glances at some fine but no courtesy thirty-something-year-old man.”
He let out a peal of laughter that took forever to stop—for a moment—I wished he had choked on the laughter.
“Fine but no courtesy? Thirty-something?” He laughed again—this time, like someone gasping for breath. “But frankly, you seem bothered, what is the problem?”
“And you think I would let you into my world?”
“If you let me, I would be glad. So, I’m all ears.”

It was like a spell—or was it his charm? I let out everything—how I met Brodo, our love, his death, moving on, my Mum’s frequent calls, how and why I moved down to Keke’s place and the important and fresh one—Keke’s weird and new behaviour.
He turned out to be a great listener. Where did the man I met a few minutes ago go?

“I’m so sorry about your ex-fiancé, I really do understand what it means to lose a loved one, but as you said, you have to move on. The death of a loved one is an emotional wound but the painful reality is; life goes on. I wouldn't tell you to move on if you ain't ready to, but at the same time, don't wallow in sadness. People often forget that grief is universal and the question they fail to answer is 'if they were in one's shoes, will they bounce back easily'?
“You talked about feeling like a cheat when you are about to love again, it is normal but not healthy. Your fiancé, rather, ex-fiancé is no more and no ghost watches one from heaven—unless you are a Nollywood fan.
“Your friend… Keke, right? See, people tend to keep some stuff to themselves for different reasons. You think she is going through something and she is being silent about it, right? It happens, that’s life. Sometimes we heal in silence. It is not that you don’t have the right people to talk to, but other time it is just about you trying to be OK all by yourself. If you asked me, I would tell you I don’t believe in ‘a problem shared, is a problem half solved’ philosophy. I will figure it out and solve the damn puzzle.”
“I don’t. There is no qualm sharing your problem but sharing doesn’t make it half solved. Have I solved your problem now? No, I guess.”
“I don’t believe in that.”
“Free world, young lady.” He shrugged.
“Hmm… thank you, young man. I’m Kara by the way.”
“I’m Bikori.”

'A problem shared, is a problem half-solved'. I would love to hear your view on this.
Can you tell your heart bugs to a stranger?
What do you think of the 'fine but no courtesy' character?
As each Tuesday rolls by, it reminds of the beginning of the end of the series. Thanks for sticking with me through this journey. I appreciate you!



  1. Niiiiiiccccccccceeee 💯💯💯💯💯

  2. Your choice of words, damn!
    Saying its perfect would be an understatement.

  3. I don't think I believe totally in the APSIAPHS philosophy, let's just say it's not an 100% applicable solution to every problem

  4. These is so nice muna💜👍

  5. I dont know for anyone else but for me, for some reason , i would rather tell a stranger my life problems because i do not have to worry about being judged. You are a stranger and i dont care about you or your thoughts about me.

  6. I'm thrilled with what I read. A beautiful piece.. Wanting more


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