Hey guys! Happy new year! How time flies, it is the 6th day of the month already! How has 2021 been so far?

One thing I do not like about the beginning of the year is the constant pressure people put on themselves to reinvent a new being.  It is that time of the year when the - NEW YEAR, NEW ME phrase goes viral, but we often forget that it is not about the new year, it is about us. There is this invisible magic we all place in a new year and when the new year finally comes-- TADA--we suddenly become a new person,  but you know, we know, I know and you know I know that it doesn't work that way. New year comes with a clean slate coupled with an aura for a fresh start, and the eagerness to become a new person is natural, but how far does it go?

I have always placed so much pressure on myself at the beginning of a new year, but this year seems to be so different because I have come to embrace every fibre of constant change and development as each day rolls by, and I have also come to see why I should not wait for a new year to re-invent myself--I can always choose to start exactly where I am, anytime, any day.

Getting to be a changed person is a daily commitment and hey, it is not magical. Having a resolution list is very okay and your reasons to have one are valid but do not forget that it is all about you and your mindset. We all hope to change our ways, leave some things or even people behind us, let go of our past doings, and all of that, but realistically, it takes time to heal completely from our old selves, and New Year's Eve doesn't have the magic. Not being able to meet up with your resolutions by the end of the first, second or even fifth month makes you feel unworthy of you and not being good enough and before you know it, you begin to get upset and unhappy with yourself. How do I know all these? C'mon, I've been there and I know how it works. lol

FAM, it's a new beginning to be on a journey toward becoming a better person, not a newly-invented being. A fresh start for healthy growth, transformation and lifestyle. Another 365 days to work on yourself, for yourself and by yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you don't have a target goal yet, some have entered a new year with no goal and before the end of the year, they finally got their goals and they achieved them.  Feed on your focus and distraction, when you focus on your focus, everything becomes clear, but when you focus on your distraction, it becomes clearer and you would automatically and gradually know how to focus more on what matters.

Change is a daily commitment and it is not dependent on the calendar of the year, you can choose to be a changed person, any day, anytime, anywhere. So take a deep breath, slow down, calm down, relax and let go of the pressure to be A NEW PERSON AT THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR.  It's matter of mind over time. If you don't set your mind toward a change, calendars will roll in and out, and the result would always be the same as previous years.

Set realistic goals, it is not a matter of going from a zero to hundred, you could start from a 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, ..., enjoy the little things, show kindness to others, prioritize your happiness and take care of you always, remember, self-care is never a selfish act.

This year, my ultimate focuses and goals are:

  •  To become a better and happier person than I was yesterday. 
  • To commit to me more, REFLECT more, BE more and to DO more.
  •  To let go of things that don't deserve my time and attention and just focus on my focus.
  •  To show up and be loud with my passion and purpose.
  •  To give myself numerous chances at everything.  

I do hope you achieve your set goals for the year, I pray you find true and inner happiness. May your deepest wishes do come true. I wish you a fabulous and exploits-filled year. 

Cheers to a prosperous and amazing 2021!

What are your goals for 2021?


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  1. Cheers to the new year! - HKF

  2. I always feel like you are writing to me personally whenever I am reading your newsletter or blog post. You are a blessing. Cheers to the new year.

  3. Happy new year dear, love your smile. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    1. Awwn, thank you. Same to you. I'm so glad you read it.

  4. Change is meant to be an 'everyday/every time' thing but it's shocking how people hold on till a new year before making adequate resolutions.
    Thanks for this, M.Y Alli

  5. This actually describe most people thinking ability!! Many actually have DAT mentality of changing every new year! Lol

  6. I love this post the most. Well-done

  7. I love the way you write firstly and I love this post too😁. Well-done!

  8. Amazing write up dear. NEW YEAR, NEW ME is fallacy. Every new year comes with a clean slate coupled with an aura for a fresh start, and the eagerness to become a new person is natural, but how far does it go?

    This is just it. Well done love. Setting realistic goals are important but setting SMART goals are more important because your goals might be realistic but not specific enough, it might not be measurable and it might not have a time frame. SMART goals are more important.

    Deadlines might fail but you know, there are no unrealistic goals but unrealistic deadlines. So you might achieve them before your deadline, at the time of your deadline or even after your deadline. No need to panic but deadlines are important because they help you not to be sidetracked.

    Well done boo, I'm definitely proud of you, always.

    Your amiable sister,

    1. PURE AND TRUE WORDS. Oh yeah, SMART goals are importanter. I really do appreciate this, sis. Thank you dear.


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