(A spoken word poem )

Written and Performed by Memunat Alli (M.Y. ALLI)

Permit me to be an Infinix ambassador with these words: THE FUTURE IS NOW,

Because I no longer want to bask in the glory of my past, dream away my present, and ride on an uncertain boat with a passenger called Tomorrow,

Dreamers are many but achievers are few, and this is because some get lost in the cloud while gazing at the sky and others keep waiting for tomorrow blind to see that it starts now,

I've played the rhythm of my silent thoughts numerous times, but I would say it out loud, right now that the future of AGRIC-TECH starts now.

The hoe, axe and cutlass have fed our nation for years but would our food production needs still be met if we held unto these farm implements?

It's no longer a matter of abinibi, but a matter of sustainability, food availability, productivity and profitability,

And you and I know that the ultimate goal of every farmer is to feed humanity, so what then would happen in twenty-fifty when there would be over nine point six billion people to feed?

AGRICULTURE sprinkled with the colourful rays of TECHNOLOGY is the DREAM,

A dream that focuses on the reality of enhancing farm practices,

A dream that proves over and over again that AGRICULTURE is more than farming,

And no matter the RAM size of this dream, it's ready to disrupt the sector positively.

The transition that comes with the digitization of Agriculture is no longer an illusion,

Because a time would finally come when farmers would drop the hoe, axe and cutlass and artificial intelligence, sensors, would take over,

It's not magical because the world is constantly evolving and Agriculture should not remain stagnant,

It's a step by step green race of revolution that has no end but breeds impact,

So let's rise above our uncertainties and embrace the beauty of a colourful future.

A future filled with a spectrum of spectacular colours where farmers sit back, relax and equipment run around,

Where farmers close their eyes and drones become the eye of the farm,

A prestigious world where we would no longer get lost because we have GPS settings keeping us on track,

Monkey dey work, baboons dey chop,

Make farmers dey chop, make robots dey work,

A time when farmers would wear suits and not be called 419,

A time when cloud computing would not only store our data on the farm but also remove the masks that cloud our eyes from seeing the foresight,

These and more are the dreams we're planting NOW.

The world is big and there's a wide gap between two things,

A wide gap between YES and NO,

A wide gap between the rich and the poor,

A wide gap between City and Un-city people,

City People, it's up to you and me to break the degradation that surrounds this noble profession,

Because AgricTech dream is not only about farming, it hits deep into the whole Agricultural value chain,

So let's break the old perception that AGRICULTURE is old-fashioned and meant for old people,

Because to win this food race, everyone has a role to play in the game.

We shall rebuild, restore, reshape to help bridge the gap,

We shall reclaim the perennial prestige attached to our heritage,

Together, we shall plant "chance plants" in the hearts of many,

And our goal to serve humanity shall no longer wallow in the shade of being called land servants,

Because we are Gold planters, Economy boosters, we are FARMERS.

The future would be more colourful if policymakers stopped playing politics,

If the government gets involves 100%,

If the sorosoke generation, the ones who bask in the glory of modernization see the future in this profession,

If there are more Agribusinesses and AgricTech Investments,

So let's step out of the old opinion zone and step into the modern agro world,

Let's build great dreams and ideas coupled with actions for this sector,

Let's equip our farmers with smart knowledge,

Because convincing the world would have its worth for the necessary mobilization of resources for the next global revolution,

If we can DREAM it, then we can ACHIEVE it, 

And our dreams would not get lost in the cloud while gazing at the sky because we're not afraid to leave the ground.

It was a great honour and pleasure to be the guest artiste at THE RDA BOOK LAUNCH EVENT

Thank you, Mr Akin Alabi, the Author of #therdabook and Co-founder of  Corporate Farmers International.
A big shout out to the amazing #rdabooklaunch team, thanks for the great honour. 
 I would love to do this again!

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  1. 'It's no longer a matter of abinibi, but a matter of sustainability, food availability, productivity and profitability', this is my favourite line.
    More speaking prowess , our M.Y ALLI!💪🤩


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