A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

        -William Arthur Ward.

The time was six or maybe some minutes after six in the evening. I had a long day at work and the only thing on my mind was to go have a peaceful rest at home after a quick but sumptuous meal. If you stayed in a part of the country where I come from, you would know that one of the places where you can have a memorable experience is at the bus stop or in a bus filled with different people airing different opinions and showing different rays of colourful behaviours.

l was so tired and I was becoming more frustrated because I had a not-too-good day and I  had waited a long time for a motorcycle or an empty Keke Maruwa (tricycle). The bus stop has become so familiar,  that I can't seem to settle on any funny or fascinating thing or people. But as I was becoming more frustrated with the tick-tick of each second, something did catch my attention.

At the opposite side of the road, a Keke pulled over, obviously, a passenger alighted and maybe there were some controversies between the driver and the passenger--I wouldn't know-- but I was more focused on the school girls that kept staring from the side of the Keke. At first, I thought I had something funny on my face, so I double-checked but it was more than that. They kept smiling and whispering. It wasn't a disapproving smile anyway, but a smile that purely reflected- WE ADMIRE YOU.

It was just a smile but it was so timely because I was going through a lot of stress at that moment. Just like an unintended action, I raised my hand to wave back at them because they were making me feel so good about myself and I wanted them to know that they were making my day end in a good way, but unfortunately, only one of them got to see my hand action and before she could share the good news with the other girl, the Keke jerked forward. I wished both of them had seen the wave because they both made me feel so special. It was a smile, but I've framed the pictures of their smiling faces in my heart. 

"Do your little bit of good where you are, it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."   

-Desmond Tutu 

I found pure love through a simple act of kindness in a Keke Maruwa after a long day and it made my day. You don't know who you might be helping with just a flash of a smile or any simple act of kindness. A lot of people are going through a lot and often, they think they are alone but a simple act of affection, even from a stranger, can make them feel more secure and accepted. You do not need a reason to be kind to others, the bond of humanity is enough to boost our kindness morale. And also, you don't need to have everything in the world before you can be kind to others.

Acts of kindness could be as simple as:

  • A bright smile.
  • A warm hug.
  • Nice compliments.
  • Buy a meal for someone in need.
  • Pray for someone.
  • The simple act of saying THANK YOU.
  • Send money to someone, just because.
  • Pick up trash or harmful objects.
  • Write lovely sticky notes and put them at places where people would get to see them.
  • Volunteer to participate in a community development project.
  • Help a child or older person cross the road.
  • Take time to care for animals.
  • Digital kindness-offer to help someone online.
  • Pay for a stranger
The list goes on and on. They are small, simple acts, but will go a long way in making someone else happy or get over a bad day or mood.

Incorporate simple acts of kindness into your daily schedule and take note of the amazing effects. The world has given us myriads of opportunities to be anything, if you are not anything, be kind, please. 

Give your gift of kindness to the world always. 



  1. This indeed is fascinating!
    More power to your elbow๐Ÿ’ช

  2. This is wonderful sis! You're indeed a treasure to humanity.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, keep making people happy. ๐Ÿ’–

  4. Wallohi, I found myself smiling while reading this
    You're awesome sis

    1. You are more awesome dear. Glad it made you smile.

  5. You inspire always with your write up,keep it up

  6. Thank you Alli. It's a powerful write up.


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